Coombes Corporate Finance never lose sight of clients’ personal objectives, and with a professional and friendly style, we help to get deals done.

With over 25 years of experience behind us, Coombes Corporate Finance offers expert advice on a range of transactions to individuals, owner managed businesses and public companies alike.



Most people will never get an opportunity to take part in a management buy out, and for those that do it will probably only come along once.

It is important to get advice from experienced professionals to maximise the chances of success. Coombes Corporate Finance will help at every stage of the process, from business planning to valuation, raising finance and completing the deal.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Coombes Corporate Finance can support teams in the years after the buy-out, assisting in further funding and acquisitions, and ultimately helping to sell the business.



Whether you are thinking about preparing a company for sale in a few years time, or have been approached by a potential purchaser and need to act now, Coombes Corporate Finance can help.

We will make sure your business is ready for sale, assist in finding buyers, advise on valuation and run a process on your behalf to ensure that your objectives, both financial and non-financial are met.

Ensuring your business is sold to the right buyer, and at the right price, we can help you realise your investment in the business you have built.



Growing businesses usually have growing funding requirements.  It may be for working capital to support increasing sales, for expansion, or acquisition.

Whatever your situation Coombes Corporate finance will help you determine how much you need, and what the most appropriate source is.  With a wide knowledge of banks, asset based lenders, venture capitalists and private investors we can guide you through the fundraising process to get you the finance your business needs on the right terms.



Business is rarely plain sailing, but occasionally the seas can become particularly heavy.  Sometimes a change of direction is required to save the ship from sinking, but in the middle of the storm it is not always easy to see the way out.

Coombes Corporate Finance can help you get a different perspective on problems that your business may be facing, and working with you, existing funders and potentially new funders, chart a course to calmer waters.



Successful acquisitions have the potential to add significant shareholder value – poor acquisitions invariably cost shareholders dearly.  To make an acquisition and get it right needs a combination of the vision to spot the potential and the attention to detail to turn the potential into reality.

Whether you have already identified a target, or are in the early stages of considering an acquisition strategy, Coombes Corporate Finance can support you at every stage, from identification, to valuation and negotiation, through pre-acquisition planning and post acquisition integration.